Trafford Grammar Schools’
CEM Consortium

Entrance Test for admission into Year 7 in September 2019
How will I know if my Registration Form has been submitted successfully?

When you have completed your Registration Form and you clicked the Submit Registration button, if your form was successfully submitted, you would have been taken to a “Proof of Submission” page.

This displayed your child’s name, a unique Proof of Submission number and the date and time that the form was submitted. You should have printed or photographed this page.  In the event of any dispute regarding the submission of your on-line registration form you need to send us this page as evidence.  Without it we will not investigate any claims that an on-line form has been submitted.

If your registration form was rejected we would have sent you an email at the time you registered explaining the reason for the rejection and telling you that you needed to submit a new registration form.  If you failed to do this (or our email did not arrive because you had not added our email addresses to your Safe Senders) then you will need to wait until after 1st March 2019 (see below).  At every stage we have advised that responsibility for checking that a registration has been successful rests with Parents / Carers.  If you did not contact us to say there was a problem we cannot know.

Important Notice about Confirmation emails

Most Registration Forms have been processed within twelve hours and a confirmation email was sent as soon as it had been processed.

If you think you have not received your confirmation email please check your spam, bulk and junk folders -  it may be there!

If you have a copy of your “Proof of Submission” page (see above) and checked your spam, bulk and junk folders and if you have not received a confirmation email days please follow the advice above regarding “Safe Senders” and then send an email to: to request a copy.

Responsibility for ensuring that your registration form has been received and processed before the deadline rests exclusively with parents / carers.  If you do not contact us we have no way of knowing that there is a problem.

Please do NOT send in a duplicate Registration Form.  All Duplicate Registration Forms are deleted automatically without being processed.

The deadline for submitting On-Line Registration Forms was 12 noon on Friday 29th June 2018.   

No exceptions will be made for registration forms not received and processed by the deadline.

Changes to Shared Schools will not be accepted after the deadline.

If you have missed the deadline then you will need to contact one of the schools for advice.  Please do not email us as we cannot help you.

We will email you before the end of July to let you know which test centre has been allocated to your child for the entrance tests.  This decision is made centrally based on the published criteria and is non-negotiable.
After the close of registration at 12 noon on 29th June 2018, please check this website ( regularly for any general announcements that affect all candidates especially during the school holidays.

Registration closed at 12 noon on Friday 29th June 2018

If you have already registered and you have printed or photographed the “Proof of Submission” page (see below) but not received a confirmation email please add our email addresses to your “Safe Senders” and then email us to confirm that you have done this and to request a second copy.  You should have added our email addresses to your Safe Senders before registering.

If you did not receive a confirmation email from us it may have gone to your spam, bulk or junk mail folder.  If you find the email there, your ISP or your own software spam-blockers or filters are diverting our email.  We have no control over this -  only you or your ISP can change the settings.  Please follow the advice above and add our emails to your “Safe Senders”.
Information Update

On Monday 23rd July 2018 ALL parents were emailed to advise them of their allocated test centre.  If you have not received this email it is probably due to the fact that you did not follow the instructions when you registered and add our email address to your Safe Senders.

Your allocated test centre will be contacting you as soon as the schools re-open in September with detailed arrangements for the test.  Please wait until you receive this information before contacting the schools.  If you have not heard by 11th September 2018 then you do need to contact your allocated test centre.

The number registering this year is significantly higher than last year and it has been impossible to find places to sit all candidates at their preferred test centre.  Some will be disappointed but all those who registered are able to sit the tests even if this is at a different test centre. The test centre has no impact on the results as all test centres administer the tests in the same way -  a requirement of the Test Provider.